Unlock Your Reality

Move around in your virtual world. Unrestricted.


Our mission is to make your virtual experience, your virtual reality, feel as real as the one you are living right now.

Or as we like to say, unlock your reality.

Right now, we are just a small initiative working our way towards big goals. Our first step in that journey is addressing the prevalent problem of moving around in a virtual environment. (Check out some VR fail compilations if you don't think so.)

Using a Patent Pending system, we want people to walk, run, and jump their way through virtual environments; full freedom of motion without having to goofily shuffle around or be confined to a high-tech baby walker. People will finally be able to frolic through fields of virtual daisies without running into one of their walls or dive into world scale VR from their tiny VR set up.

If you are interested in helping us out, feel free to send us an email (contact at unlockedreality dot com). If you just want to see where this goes, feel free to bookmark this page and drop in time to time for some updates!

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